Monday, October 11, 2010

FOOD: From bold to mellow, from pungent to almost floral

I am enamored with spices.

We go way back and like most things the best way of learning about anything is by experimentation further more an adventurous gourmand is always rewarded and in this case I absolutely know I have.

I have found many great spices, however some I don’t ever buy again, too strong to difficult to control, others simply don’t appeal to me, however there are those that take a special place in my spice rack and like pepper this heavenly concoction, that is Indian but obviously from an Arabic background is a must “Garam Masala”.

Garam Masala is a key spice in many traditional Indian dishes, but its remarkably nimble, its traditionally a mix of black & white peppercorns, cloves, malabar leaves,cumin seeds, cinnamon, black, brown, & green cardamom, nutmeg, star anise and coriander seeds. but i have encountered many variations that more ingredients , how ever most agree on the these. its amazing stuff.

I’ve tried it on traditional Indian food as well as dry rubs, fried food, rice and many other dishes, it can be powerful if used in excess so care should be taken when using it but it also if used ever so lightly can be floral and delicious, even on sweets like biscuits and oatmeal cookies.

Even if you have never had Indian cuisine or if you are not particularly fond of it, take my word, its worth your time.

Enjoy JD

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