Thursday, October 14, 2010

FOOD: Nothing hard, about this ingredient.

 There may be some debate after this post, but in my personal opinion the humble chicken egg, an essential building block of modern nutrition an ingredient that deserves its own post. When prepared in its simplest form is transformed to a whole new ingredient.

What could be simpler than boiling and egg, yet the end result can be used in a multitude of dishes some where the hard boiled egg takes center stage and some where the egg adorns or  compliments food, this is why I consider it an important ingredient.

Salted water, room temperature egg, 10 minutes in a rolling boil.  VOILA something fun tasty and nutritious.

Perhaps the most common preparation it a classic egg and potato salad, but the variety of dishes this egg is present in may well be enough for a small book, I have seen Asian, European, American, Mexican and many other cuisines. There is something about the simplistic nature of this egg  that invites us to be creative with them

Meatballs, with a hard boiled egg piece is a classic dish in my house and to have meatballs with out an egg surprise is a big disappointment for my kids, ill post the recipe of this Mexican dish.

Be creative and Enjoy.

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