Friday, March 4, 2011

Food: Alchemy, and cooking.

Turning lead in to gold.

Its easy to think about cooking as building, putting ingredients together, working with taste, smell and texture to make a dish that is both delicious an nourishing.

Cooking like this can yield amazing results, and most of us do it like this, we simply whip up a recipe and feel contempt with the results.

However, there is a different way of cooking, Alchemy if you will, a cooking style that allows your personality and creativity to flow and ultimately delivers results that leave people asking, how come you don't have a restaurant, and boy is that a compliment.

What does it mean to use Alchemy in the kitchen, simple, focus on one ingredient and use others to transform it to something very different, use your imagination, use common sense but the key is experimentation.

For Example, consider Shrimp.

Shrimp is a great ingredient, in my book any ingredient that can be enjoyed by it self is a great ingredient, boiling water, sun , lime juice, straight raw, shrimp by itself never disappoints.

Alchemy we take that same Shrimp add Salt, Butter, Garlic and peeper. and we have a new taste, golden aromatic and comforting food, where the main character is Shrimp, but as been transformed to more than just a small crustacean. its been transformed.


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