Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FOOD: BMT, yes M for Mushroom

A classic BLT is awesome, comfort food at its best and something that always satisfies, Ive always had one complaint. "L" Lettuce

Don't get me wrong, I like lettuce but what is the right type for this sandwich, iceberg is to watery, romaine to dry, Im sure there are other cultivars out there, perhaps the perfect BLT cultivar is just around the corner, but for now, I have a suggestion.


Crimini, or white button, lightly sautéed in butter, line the bottom slice with them  add some thinly sliced pepper jack cheese.

The earthy mushroom, compliments the smoky bits of heaven we call bacon, the tomato lubricates each bite and pepper jack adds just enough spice, maybe  some alfalfa sprouts for crunch, perfect.


This is the stuff sandwich dreams are made of, make one, you may too ditch lettuce.


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