Thursday, September 2, 2010

FOOD: Annona, fruit for thought

Fruit is most definitely a godsend, ready to eat from the tree and absolutely delicious.

Yet to most Americans and Mexicans three images come to mind when thinking about fruit, Apples and Bananas and Oranges, that’s right  3 out of the thousands of edible fruits available for human consumption, never understood why……

Being a self proclaimed foodie and a fruit lover, I do my share of experimentation, but was surprised last week when I was introduced to Annona squamosa (also called sugar-apple), the fruit is beautiful yet so exotic it’s a little scary, but you will be rewarded with what I describe as a delicious combination of Mango ice-cream with a hint of banana and pear. MMM so good.

More of this fruit needs to be marketed, try to find it you will be surprised.

My mind is going in 1000 directions imagining recipes for this natural taste treasure.

Good eating

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