Monday, September 6, 2010

WINE: Malbec, as red as it gets

There is something about wine that almost certainly appeals to most drinkers, like most things gourmand you cant go wrong with one ingredient that has been processes masterfully, and the more I experience and learn the more obvious this fact is to me.

I have never met a person that is neutral about  wine you either like it or you don’t, Personally I love a good wine, and I’m not really a wine snob but I do have my preference.

A full bodied semi dry wine with a big fruity nose, does the trick for me every time.

Like all initiated wine drinkers I have my favorite varieties that I purchase on a regular basis one such wine you will always find in my house is Malbec, this deeply fruity grape was popularized in Bourduex France, its used blended with other popular grapes form the region. But it’s by itself and not as a blend that this blogger thinks Malbec shines, the flavor is intense the nose inviting and the tannins are balanced in a very satisfying palate.

Argentinean Malbec from Mendoza is one of my favorites, the favor is consistent and it pairs with steak marvelously, I have tried Chilean and Australian , but the Mendoza region does have the advantage for now, its just perfect every time.

So go and discover Malbec for your self, I am sure that you will find its a very interesting and satisfying experience, who knows perhaps it will become one of your favorites too.


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  1. Hello Jorge.... I am a Malbec fan 100%.. oh my goodness, how I love it... a mí, me encanta! And you are correct... wine from the Mendoza region... is fantastic- happy to find your blog! Thanks for the friend-up on FoodBuzz -Megan