Friday, September 3, 2010

FOOD: Pimentón de la Vera..

Spices are amazing they add dept, complexity and can enhance favors to their absolute best.

But there are some, not many,  that clearly stand out form the rest, they define a dish invade your taste, smell and sight and make experiences out of meals. Pimenton de la Vera, is just that type of spice the spice for life.

You can find Pimentón de la Vera at most gourmet food store, the really good stuff comes in small tins and it has a stamp that certifies it comes from the La Vera region. Its from Spain obviously, and you could say its paprikas well off relative, you know the classy uncle, deeply smoky its not acidic nor is it peppery, its just perfect and it will make any dish taste like you spent hours cooking.

Paella  is not paella with out,  I have used in in everything form mashed potatoes and omelets, to marinades and pot roasts, its just versatile and delicious.

Good Eating

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