Friday, September 24, 2010

COFFEE: Oaxacan Pluma, can you taste the mountains?

High on the oaxacan mountains just hours drive form the paradise beaches of puerto escondido, there is a village that holds what could be Mexicos finest coffee.

The village is called Pluma Hidalgo, and its coffee is wonderful, I first experienced Pluma when a friend that knows im a coffee fanatic brought me some pre ground coffee he had purchased during his travels, I cant say I was amazed when I first saw the coffee, it was under toasted and the ground was inconsistent, how ever the smell was magnificent and I decided to give it a try.

I was blow away, by it, the coffee was almost sweet, with chocolate notes, the acidity was perfect and it was robust, lots of flavor and aroma... Wow all of that form pre-ground coffee, that traveled thousands of miles in a paper bag on someones luggage?  I was intrigued !!

I took me a little over a year to find Pluma and the most interesting thing is that it was easier to find Pluma via internet retailers than in the Mexico Texas border region where I have lived all my life,  but when I received my organic Pluma Coffee and opened that bag it was amazing, after grinding and brewing some, (I was not aware of the French press back then) I was transported to the jungle mountains of Oaxaca.  The coffee is rich all the chocolate and sweetness was still there but better, I like my roast to be a little on the dark side and this was it perfection in a cup.

My fellow readers, in the times we live now where everything is industrialized, to still find an organic coffee that is distinct and so rewarding is just magic a mini vacation in each cup.

So try to find some Pluma I am sure you wont be disappointed.

Enjoy  JD

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