Saturday, September 11, 2010

WINE: Muscat richness

I am fond of Moscatel Fortified wine, its rich and silky on the pallate and the taste is reminiscent of raisins, with a heavy bouquet, its perhaps one of the oldest desert wines, the Moscatel variety from Valencia, Spain is particularly interesting.

Muscat grapes are special, and once fortified in the true Valencia stile, the result is a super sweet light syrupy wine thats perfect for desert.

 I love to incorporate it in a small cheese and quince paste  mix that I make, Monterrey or Chihuahua cheese cubes, quince paste cubes and a dash of moscatel. its a beautiful side dish for duck or lamb.

The taste is amazing and if you see it in the store its a definite buy.

Enjoy!  JD

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  1. I was fortunate enough to eat some muscat grapes - those were the most wonderful grapes I have ever tasted. I now imagining the wonders some fermentation could add!