Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FOOD: Viva Mexico Viva el Mole !

Its only logical, that today, as Mexico readies to celebrate 200 years of independence, I focus my attention on the flavors of Mexico, if you have been lucky enough to have tried our food, (real Mexican food) I'm sure you will enjoy this post.

Mole is my first choice to describe what fine Mexican food is, To call it a sauce just  isn't fair, Mole defies labels, it can be sweet, spicy, savory, it can have almonds, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, it can be black, red, green, and every color in between, every region has its own version and to my opinion they are all delicious.

Traditional grinding of mole with stone metate.

Poblano mole is the perfect place to start your mole experience and store bought mole paste is not bad it just needs some tweaking, try to develop your mole taste, I suggest you start sweet and work your way to hot Poblano, you do this by adding more Mexican chocolate to the mix, another great tip is never use water to thin you mole paste, chicken stock or if you are going for real authentic turkey stock, serve mole thinned mole when it has a think gravy consistency over a piece of chicken or shredded turkey, garnish with sesame seed and serve hot, traditionally a side dish of  Mexican rice is in order. and please easy on the cumin, Mexicans really don't eat that much cumin specially on rice.

Viva Mexico and like always Enjoy.


  1. mole forever... one the best and most delicious dishes in mexico, a perfect way as you said to celebrate 200 years of mexico´s independence.. kudows on the cumin quote, it really is very disappointing to eat mexican food and being able to only taste cumin, (wink wink san antonio), love the blog please keep on writing

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  3. Hello Jorge.... yes mole is amazing stuff... and beautiful photo BTW! I am hoping to make some cochinita pibil this weekend.... love that too! - You have my vote for sure! - loads of foodie love from the north! - Megan