Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sharing food, True friendship 101

Perhaps one of the most primordial of all social behaviors, yet in this new  i-Era we take this for granted and some even neglect it all together.. Why, maybe its this i-Idea, I, as in I alone that invites us to separate ourself from our peers, yet the urge to socialize is so primordial that we flock to social media to cure our loneliness.

Instead, this blogger recommends that you wake this primordial urge, and share more food, put down that novel, leave your cubicle and release your inner thoughts and share some emotion, share some food.

Family ties are strengthened by sharing a meal, and discovering the gastronomic likings of your peers and friends is a great cultural experience, new and often exiting food is just a mess hall  table away.

Too many benefits to mention it simply makes sense,  we all need to engage in this healthy habit.

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