Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WINE: Bubbly is not only for anniversaries.

It sounds like and endorsement campaign for producers of exceptional sparkling wine! 

But for me its a new discovery, for years I considered sparking wine a special drink reserved only for special occasions, not somethig you paired or enjoyed, but more of a statement of celebration and after that, well it would take another 12 months or other special event to justify opening another bottle of this magical drink.

I was so wrong!

I think most of the problem was that I interrupted my drink to toast with champagne and really wanted to go back to my drink , there for I never gave the sparkling wine an opportunity , but fortunately I have learned.

"Vino Tranquilo", Calm Wine in English is the way non sparking wine is called in Mexico and Spain, and opposite to calm is wild, and precisely that is what sparkling wine can be a bold flavorful wine that awakens your taste buds with every sip, a live refreshing dink that can be enjoyed anytime and almost any place.

I was privileged to have reacently toured a vineard un Mexico where they make sparking wines "Cava" in the traditional méthode Champenoise, (méthode traditionnelle) since its done outside the Champagne region, but still was amazed how much work goes in to producing this one of a kind drink. The staff is trained and temperatures and rotations are meticulosly recorded to ensure every bottle is at its optimum state. The end result, as I was able to taste in the vineyards hospitality room was worth all the effort .

Sparking wines deserve your attention and a place in our every day life, they are light and can easily be paired with almost all the same food as a ChardonnayRiesling or other good white wine, the mouth experience of a sparking wine is unique and to bring the sense of celebration to every day life is sure to bring smiles to you and your guests.

Enjoy. JD

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  1. My wife has always enjoyed Sparkling wine in her everyday life--I'm going to have her read this. Great post, thanks!