Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SPIRITS: Whisky obsession...to blend or not to blend

For this blogger the answer is not....

Blended whisky in general is not one of my favorite things in the world, the benefit of a blended scotch should be to guarantee the continuity of flavor for decades, but in this quest scotch looses its individual characteristics that come from the place this elixir was made.  Blending is not bad, but the real pickle is the fact that most blended whisky has neutral grain whisky.

In contrast Single Malt whisky, is unadulterated and still has its unique flavors that come form the 4 basic building blocks. Barley, Peat, Water and yeast, the micro climates from each region and the smoky notes from the barrel the whisky matured on.  Yummy!

Single Malt varies from region to region the Highlands, Speyside, Isle of Jura & Lowlands all have unique character and are to be experienced to be understood.

I am fond of Speyside whisky, specially one of the oldest distillers know, Aberlour every bottle every time its always exquisite,  whisky so good and so perfect that adding mineral water to it is almost a crime.

Experts say whisky should be served at room temperature one part scotch to one part spring water to bring out the flavor and smell compounds in this elixir. Ive done this and I do enjoy it but an old fashion glass and ice thats my favorite way of enjoying scotch.

I am not a connoisseur yet, just a simple foodie that loves to enjoy himself with the gastronomical treasures that abound ,guilty whisky obsession...

Enjoy..  JD

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