Sunday, September 19, 2010

FOOD: If you bake it,, they will come..

Baking  is with out a doubt one of the greatest ways of bringing people together, no matter what goes in to the oven the end result usually is a mob of family and friends waiting for what ever came out to be cold enough to eat.

I love to observe this social behavioral and what's more I love to be the initiator of this get together. To see my children for once as interested in food as me, impatiently staring at the ovens door to catch a piece of the action whenever cookies or cake is baking, and to come home form work to be greeted by the warm smell of lasagna or any other baked food. its just magic.

I love baking and I am known for stuffing that oven with everything; ducks, beef, pork, pasta, fish, clams, vegetables you name it chances are Ive tried it. however I have great admiration for people who can bake bread.

Bread baking to me is the most challenging of all gastronomic events that exist, not because is difficult to do but because it so precise, in my mids there are two bakers, the professional trained and the type that have eaten their share of not so fabulous bread until all the trial and error payed off. and to both my respect. bread deserves its own post, sourdough bread, yeast rolls, ciabattas. hundreds of styles all delicious all basically the same ingredients all completely different and complex. how can you not respect the bread baker.

Bake my friends, bring your friends and families together, perhaps its baking that can keep us away form fast food and drive thru windows, help us to eat healthy and unite us with our loved ones.

Enjoy. JD

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  1. This is totally true.... I agree with you completely! Bake it and they will come... eat healthy!