Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FOOD: What about coffee

Well its that time again,  morning kicks in and you need a caffeine fix...

Unfortunately that sums up coffee for a good portion of the world population but may I recommend that if you only do it to get up SKIP COFFEE... take a caffeine pill, cold shower or even a morning jog.

Coffee if done right should be a complete experience, the smell and taste should get your attention long before the caffeine, there is no universal perfect cup, and contrary to the popular idea to finding what you like and sticking with it for your whole life I suggest experimentation, each region cultivar and roast method add to the complexity of this infusion, now don't get me wrong you may just find something your not willing to give up, but even then keep trying.

Buy yourself a French press and prepare to get introduced to coffee, for years this blogger used drip coffee makers, espresso machines, percolators, even instant. but nothing compares to a French press its just perfect, and the control you have over the result is incredible, form the strength to the color, form the crema ( froth) to the bitterness and aroma, all at your control.

No brands, No specific region, No Ideal roast.. all you need is to work on making coffee and experience.

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