Saturday, September 11, 2010

FOOD: Better than butter? I doubt it.

Certainly more than a couple hundred foodies have written about butter, its basic for baking and French cuisine and as ghee absolutely necesary for Indian cuisine.

However I must admit that for years I fell prey to the media boycott on butter, I neglected this marvelous ingredient. abandoned butters richness and aroma for Margarine....

Never again.

 I have a special relationship with butter and I almost find it difficult to cook without it... OK I exaggerated. But butter and I are close, butter does have some weaknesses, its smoke point is not very high unless clarified, and past the browning stage, butter can burn a develop unpleasant flavors, I call browning the point  where melting butter develops color and a deep nutty taste that is unique to butter.

Butter works on, all types of protein, vegetables, breads and I find it hard to think what not to put butter on but one word of advice for all you butter lovers, if you keep your butter in the fridge, your killing your butter. taste.

Buy a butter bell, or a butter caddy, refrigerate what you have not opened but once open, DONT PUT IT BACK ON THE FRIDGE.

Find the coolest spot in you kitchen and let it be butters new home. and like always.

Enjoy. JD

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